"Sometimes you have to remove people without warning. We are getting too old to explain what they already know they are doing wrong." -Farrah Gray As we grow older and fall into learned patterns and illusionary wisdom, we also grow apart. We take up political correctness and avoid conflict under the misguided argument that we should … Continue reading #16 THE CONFLICT VARIATION



Trust -it is not the vengeful guillotine of the innocent; it is not the sinister punishment of the righteous. When we desire no effort or delay; when we expend no mental or emotional power; that is not trust, we are no victims; that is sloth and we are the culprits. We get lazy and impatient and name it … Continue reading #15 TRUST UNPLUGGED


“Those who travel with the current will always feel they are good swimmers; those who swim against the current may never realize they are better swimmers than they imagine.” Obviously, if we do not change direction (either way), we will not know the truth about our abilities. Which leaves me wondering whether anyone, either swimming towards or against, would really … Continue reading #12 SAVOIR SWIM


Are we genuine friends when young and then forget on the way? How to be friends purely and desire-removed? Or is it that Freud is disturbingly accurate and desire lurks, uncontrollable and overpowering? And does desire always and irrevocably distort the bonds and equilibrium of a friendship? These have been hiding in or rather shadowing … Continue reading #10 THE PEOPLE VS CROSS-GENDER FRIENDSHIP